Today’s Anniversary: Connecticut

It's January 9, and Connecticut became a state on this date in 1788.  Some years ago, we attended a homeschool conference in Hartford, Connecticut, where we distributed information about our high school correspondence courses.  We didn't have online high school courses or an accredited middle school program back then, so maybe it's time for us to return to the Nutmeg State and meet its residents in person.  We do our best to attend conventions in all portions of the country, but it can be difficult to do that at times.  When we can't attend a convention in person, sometimes we send information to be placed in giveaway bags.  Other times we will take out an ad in a convention program.  We love having students from Connecticut and all 50 states whether they meet us in person or learn about us in other ways.  Since you've already become familiar with us by reading this blog, why not become even more familiar with us and enroll now?  We'd be happy to serve you!