Today’s Anniversary: Gertrude Ederle Swims the English Channel

It's August 6, and on this date in 1926, Gertrude Ederle became the first woman to swim across the English Channel.  This is noteworthy for two reasons.  First, Gertrude Ederle and her accomplishment were included in the earliest version of our Writing 1 course.  Back when it was in development, the course didn't even have a name.  Eventually Build Your Writing Skills was chosen as its name before being shortened in more recent years to simply Writing 1.  Second, Gertrude Ederle's achievement is noteworthy because maybe, like her, you wish to cross over from one side to another.  In her case, she wanted to get from one side of the English Channel to the other.  In your case, you may want to leave your current situation and arrive at the job you've always wanted to have or at the college you've always desired to attend.  The American School can be your "English Channel" and take you from one side to the other.  Like Gertrude Ederle, you're going to have to work hard and persevere, but you'll receive tremendous satisfaction when you reach the other side with your accredited high school diploma in hand.  Enroll today and dive right in!