Today’s Anniversary: Indiana

It's December 11, and Indiana became a state on this date in 1816.  Because our office in the far south suburbs of Chicago is so close to Indiana, many American School employees live across the state line in Indiana.  That proximity got us thinking about the home states of American School staff over the years.  When we were founded in 1897 in Boston, we assume almost our entire staff lived in Massachusetts.  When we moved to Chicago in the early 1900s, we assume most of our staff lived in Illinois, though we did have rare instances of employees living in Wisconsin and making the commute from the Badger State to the Hyde Park neighborhood where our offices were located for more than 90 years.  These days our staff is almost split evenly between Indiana and Illinois residents.  Sometimes people who live outside a reasonable driving distance will contact us and ask if they can work for us.  Currently all American School employees must live within a reasonable driving distance of our office.  Should our needs change and we need additional people to help grade our high school correspondence courses, online high school courses, middle school correspondence courses or online middle school courses, we will post something in this blog.  We appreciate everyone's interest and are happy to serve students whether they live in Indiana or Illinois or places much farther away!