Today’s Anniversary: Mensa

It's October 1, and Mensa was founded on this date in 1946.  Mensa is an organization for people with very high IQs, so today's blog will talk about what we offer for those types of students.  For starters, we have no age restrictions.  If you're much younger than those who normally begin taking print or online middle school courses, high school correspondence courses or online high school courses, that's fine with us.  We know students learn differently, so if you're an advanced student, all we need is proof that you completed the previous grade before you enroll in the next grade.  We also are happy to offer Advanced Placement courses for students in our accredited high school program.  Although the enrollment period for this year's AP courses just ended, we will have AP courses in the 2020-2021 school year, and registration will open next summer.  Finally, we allow all students to work at their own pace.  If you're doing well in a subject, you can complete it quickly and then move on to the next course or grade.  It's very possible for you to graduate a year or two earlier than your peers in traditional school.  No matter your academic ability, we look forward to serving you after you enroll and become our student.