Today’s Anniversary: The Coinage Act

It's April 2, and on this date in 1792, the Coinage Act was passed.  It created the dollar as the standard unit of money for the United States and also established the United States Mint.  As you might imagine, today's blog will be all about money.  You might think it would cost a fortune to earn a high school diploma at home, but we make it as affordable as possible.  Students in full years of our accredited middle school program or accredited high school program may make monthly payments to avoid a heavy burden of having to pay for everything at once.  No matter how many courses you take with us, our tuition always includes all study materials, so you do not have to pay one tuition price and then go buy books, study guides or other materials.  Our course prices are all-inclusive.  Finally, we do not nickel and dime our students and graduates every time they need something from us.  There might be an additional cost for transcripts and duplicate diplomas, but many other services are provided at no charge.  Keep some extra dollars in your pocket while you study with us.  Get started by enrolling today!