Today’s Anniversary: The Electric Traffic Light

It's August 5, and on this date in 1914, the first electric traffic light was installed in Cleveland, Ohio.  Although they sometimes malfunction and at other times turn to yellow or red when you really want them to stay green, imagine how difficult transportation would be without traffic lights telling us when we should stop and when we can go.  After you enroll and become an American School student, you won't have anyone telling you to stop or go.  That's because all of our students work entirely at their own pace whether they are in our General High School or College Preparatory diploma programs or taking individual courses for enrichment or through our Independent Study Program.  Our students love the ability to go as quickly as they can in a course or to take a longer period of time if the topic is challenging to them.  They can even stop for small intervals of time if family or job commitments prevent them from working on their courses for a little while.  Our only concern is that students complete courses by the deadline specified on their enrollment contract.  Other than that, our students can stop and go when they please without the need of a traffic light!

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