Today’s Anniversary: The End of the Pony Express

It's October 26, and on this date in 1861, the Pony Express delivered its last piece of mail.  The Pony Express, as you might expect, used ponies and horses to bring mail across the country.  It's quite possible that, had the American School existed in the 1860s, some of our students' exams would've arrived at our office via the Pony Express.  The American School, however, didn't open until 1897, and in the 115 years that have followed, exams have arrived in our building in a variety of ways.  Most students mail their exams, but local students will occasionally drop off their exams in person at our office.  A couple years ago we launched seven online courses, and, naturally, the exams for those courses are done online.  We are on the verge of introducing another way for students to submit exams, but we can't say what it is just yet.  We should have an announcement in the next few weeks, so keep reading this blog to find out what it is.  It's another way we are working to provide you with caring and speedy student service!