Today’s Anniversary: The First U.S. Patent

It's July 31, and on this date in 1790, Samuel Hopkins received a patent for the production of potash.  It was the very first patent given in the United States.  We don't have a patent on homeschooling and distance education, but we are one of the pioneers in that field.  We were founded in 1897 in Boston by R.T. Miller and his friends.  They wanted to create a school which could serve people who could not attend traditional schools.  Maybe these people had jobs, or maybe they were too old to attend school.  Whatever the reason, American School was there to serve them, and more than a century later, we're here to serve anyone who desires to earn his or her accredited high school diploma or simply take a course or two for enrichment purposes or credit recovery.  Take a look around the rest of our web site to see everything we offer.  Then, whenever you're ready, take the next step and enroll.  You'll feel confident learning from one of the pioneers in distance education–American School!

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