Today’s Anniversary: The Great Chicago Fire

It's October 8, and the Great Chicago Fire began on this date in 1871.  The fire is believed to have started when Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicked over a lantern in a barn, and eventually the fire consumed nearly the entire city.  In fact, only a handful of buildings remained, most notably the water tower that stands on Michigan Avenue.  The fire came 32 years before American School moved to Chicago at the invitation of the Armour Institute, which is now known as the Illinois Institute of Technology.  The Chicago area has been our home since 1903, and from our former headquarters on 58th and Drexel and our current location in Lansing we have educated more than 3 million students.  Some take high school correspondence courses.  Others take online high school courses.  Still others take print or online middle school courses.  We are happy to have all of them as our students, and we would be happy to have you as our student too.  Enroll today and be a part of our 123-year history!