Today’s Anniversary: The Hobbit

It's September 21, and J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit was published on this date in 1937.  The novel is featured in our Classic Adventure Literature course, which is a popular elective choice among our students.  We know that some students struggle with reading in general, while others might love to read certain genres of literature but don't care for reading others.  That is why we try to include many literary styles by authors of many different backgrounds in our English courses.  Whether you choose to take a high school correspondence class for credit recovery or enrichment, online high school courses to earn a high school diploma at home, or print or online middle school courses, you can expect to read a variety of stories, including some from the fantasy realm like The Hobbit.  If your religious beliefs make you uncomfortable reading certain types of literature, please let us know as soon as you begin the course so that we may make alternate assignments available to you.  Thank you for your understanding and for making us your distance education middle school or high school!