Today’s Anniversary: The IBM Personal Computer

It's August 12, and on this date in 1981, the IBM personal computer made its debut.  At one time computers were very large and took up entire rooms.  The IBM PC changed all that and revolutionized technology around the world.  As time has gone by, computers have become smaller yet more powerful, and even mobile devices such as a tablet or phone can do many of the things a desktop computer can do.  We're proud to say that students can work on their online high school courses and online middle school courses on a variety of devices, including Apple and IBM-compatible computers as well as tablets and other mobile devices.  Of course we're happy to offer middle school and high school correspondence courses for students who prefer to work on paper instead, and we have no plans to stop offering correspondence courses.  No matter how you take our courses, we're grateful that you do.  If you haven't started yet, why not use your computer or mobile device and enroll today?  You'll have your first course within a matter of days!