Today’s Anniversary: The iPhone

It's January 9, and the original iPhone was introduced on this date in 2007.  Once upon a time people used phones strictly for talking to someone in a different location, but as we all know, today's phones can do just about everything.  One of our goals for 2018 is to debut a new web site that will be easier to view on your iPhone or other mobile device.  We know how important it is for you to access your online high school courses and online middle school courses from almost anywhere, and we're hopeful that the new web site will help.  Some people use our web site to access our online student center and get their latest academic information, but you can still call us to receive that information as well.  We're happy to offer a correspondence high school diploma program and telephone assistance to those people who desire them.  It's another example of how we are your school of choice in 2018 and beyond!