Today’s Anniversary: The St. Louis World’s Fair

It's April 30, and on this date in 1904, the St. Louis World's Fair opened.  If you're a regular blog reader, you know that these days the American School goes to a lot of conventions, where we have exhibit spaces, put up our display and fill our table with our latest information and promotional items.  Attending expos, however, is nothing new to us.  We had a booth at the St. Louis World's Fair that started 110 years ago today.  No word if we gave away pens or coin purses like we have at more recent conventions, but we're sure that our booth contained the latest information about what we were doing at that time, which was to make quality education available to anyone at an affordable cost.  You'll notice that, although more than a century has passed, our mission remains the same.  We still offer quality education in the form of accredited high school courses at an affordable cost.  Check back tomorrow for exciting news about what we're doing to ensure our courses will be accredited for years to come!

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