Today’s Anniversary: The United States Naval Academy

It's October 10, and on this date in 1845, the United States Naval Academy was established in Annapolis, Maryland.  The 167-year-old institution is the second-oldest of the United States' five service academies and trains young men and women for careers as members of the Navy or the Marines.  As you might expect, the Naval Academy has many alumni who are famous for military or civilian exploits.  They include President Jimmy Carter; Senator John McCain; astronauts Alan Shepard, Walter Schirra and Jim Lovell; explorer Richard Byrd; military heroes George Dewey and Chester Nimitz; athletes David Robinson and Roger Staubach; and many, many more.  If you are interested in a career in the military, don't forget that homeschooled students now receive Tier 1 enlistement priority.  Visit the Department of Defense to learn more about this policy and visit the United States Naval Academy to learn more about that great institution.