Today’s Anniversary: Traffic Lights

It's December 10, and 150 years ago today the very first traffic lights were installed.  Today we take traffic lights for granted, but imagine how much of a mess traffic would be if we didn't have green lights telling us to go and red lights telling us to stop at major intersections.  Though we pride ourselves at allowing students to go at their own pace, we have some measures in places to ensure they do not go too quickly.  For example, students in our online middle school courses and online high school courses need to pass one exam before they can take the next exam.  The same is true for those students who take online exams in our middle school or high school correspondence courses.  We don't want students to make a mistake on the first exam or not master the material and then continue to make the same mistake or struggle on future exams.  Our instructors and entire staff care about our students and want them to do their very best.  Therefore, we ask our students to not despair if they receive a "red light" and cannot move on to the next exam for awhile.  Once they master the material, they'll get the "green light" to continue in the course and ultimately to an accredited high school diploma.