Today’s Anniversary: Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points

It’s January 8, and on this date in 1918, President Woodrow Wilson presented his Fourteen Points which paved the way to peace after World War 1.  When it comes to points on your exams in our online high school courses, online middle school courses, paper-based high school courses or paper-based middle school courses, you should always aim for 100 points rather than 14.  Getting 100 points on an exam means you got everything correct, so that should be your goal.  We know, however, that you won’t be perfect all the time.  In fact, you won’t be perfect most of the time, so that is where our instructors come into play.  They provide helpful, personalized feedback on every exam they grade.  They also include page references and explain where to go in the course to find the correct answer.  Finally, our instructors call students by name.  It’s our way of making distance education as personal as possible.  We think you will find our curriculum to be on point, but the only way to know for sure is if you enroll and become our student.  We invite you to point and click on our enrollment page to begin that process today.