Today’s Birthday: Andre Agassi

It's April 29, and American School graduate Andre Agassi turns 49 years old today.  He won eight Grand Slam tennis tournaments and an Olympic gold medal and is considered one of the best American tennis players in the sport's history.  Back when Andre was our student, we only offered high school correspondence courses, but now we offer online high school courses, online middle school courses and middle school correspondences too.  We do that because we believe that students should learn in the way that is most comfortable to them.  Although Andre won all four Grand Slam events on three different surfaces, he was at his best on hard courts.  Similarly, a student may struggle doing online courses but thrive doing courses in print.  Another student may love online courses but struggle doing paper-based courses.  Either way, we're dedicated to offering the high-quality courses you need at a cost you can afford.  Take the first step and enroll today!