Today’s Birthday: Barack Obama

It's August 4, and President Barack Obama turns 55 years old today.  Before we go any further, It's important to note that American School doesn't take any political positions.  We've written blogs about politicians celebrating birthdays whether they are Democrats, Republicans, members of another party, or members of no party at all.  Rather, we respect the offices held by these politicans.  What makes President Obama unique to American School is that we both have roots in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.  That's where we spent most of the 20th century after we moved to Illinois from Boston and before we moved to our current location.  Back in Hyde Park, we had no idea we'd be offering online high school courses or online middle school courses one day.  We just offered high school correspondence courses so that people could earn a high school diploma at home.  Today we're proud to offer courses in grades 6-12 in a variety of ways.  Enroll today and let us inaugurate you as an American School student!