Today’s Birthday: Bugs Bunny

It's July 27, and Bugs Bunny made his movie debut in a film called A Wild Hare on this date in 1940.  You might say that today is Bugs Bunny's 80th birthday and are probably familiar with his "What's up, doc?" catchphrase.  Today, then, is a good opportunity for us to tell you what's up at American School, especially since families are looking for safe educational programs for the 2020-2021 school year.  We continue to offer accredited high school courses online and in print at a cost students and parents can afford.  We do the same with accredited print or online middle school courses.  Affordability has always been important to us since we believe nobody should be denied an education for financial reasons, but offering affordable courses does not mean they are inferior.  In fact, the quality of our instructional materials has made us one of the best distance education high schools and middle schools in the world.  We use the same type of curriculum providers used by schools across the country.  Students may enroll any time and finish any time during their contracts.  We allow students to work at their own pace and offer support when needed.  Some enroll in full-year programs, while others enroll in individual courses.  Whatever works best for you is fine with us.  We are happy to assist you however we can.  What we mentioned here is just a sampling of all the good things we offer.  Discover all of them  after you enroll today!