Today’s Birthday: Frederick William Herschel

It's November 15, and Frederick William Herschel was born on this date in 1738.  He was a scientist and astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus and later discovered infrared radiation.  If you're interested in learning more about Uranus and other planets and moons, we have an online astronomy course and online earth and space science courses that may interest you.  We try to offer accredited online high school courses that excite students and get them interested in learning.  The same is true for our high school correspondence courses, and when we launched our accredited middle school program in 2017, we had the same idea in mind.  Having interesting courses is important to us because we want to make learning fun and have something for everyone.  If you're interested in something, chances are you will approcach it with enthusiasm.  We can't promise that all of our courses will interest you in the same way because it is rare that everything will appeal to everybody, but we do make an effort.  We hope you'll find our courses interesting and educational after you enroll and become our student.