Today’s Birthday: Meriwether Lewis

It's August 18, and Meriwether Lewis was born on this date in 1774.  He and William Clark are the people behind the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition which took place from 1804-1806.  The expedition's purpose was to find the quickest way from the existing United States to the Pacific Ocean.  Lewis and Clark explored the lands acquired in the Louisiana Purchase, starting in Missouri, and eventually reached the Pacific Ocean as they hoped.  In these difficult days, perhaps you're looking for something new for yourself or a family member.  If you're looking to earn a high school diploma at home, consider enrolling in our general high school program or college preparatory program.  If you're not ready for high school yet, consider enrolling in our accredited middle school program.  Learning in a new way might seem scary at first, but our staff will be happy to be your guide as you enter uncharted territory.  Set off on your own expedition with American School and enroll today!