Today’s Birthday: Monty Hall

It's August 25, and game show host Monty Hall turns 94 years old today.  He's best known for hosting several incarnations of "Let's Make a Deal," a show on which he offered customers doors, curtains, boxes, billfolds, money market accounts and anything else that could contain a fabulous prize or a not-so-fabulous prize known as a zonk.  At the end of each episode, before he would give away money in quickie deals if people had in their possession random household items such as shoe horns, Monty would invite two contestants to compete for the big deal of the day, which was usually an expensive car or trip.  Believe it or not, there's high-level math and probability involved in picking the door that opens to the big deal.  Check out this link and see if you agree with the mathematician's findings.  We are grateful to have so many students who believe that American School is the best deal both academically and financially for themselves and their families.  Enroll today and we promise you no zonks en route to one of the biggest deals you'll ever win for yourself–your accredited high school diploma!

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