Today’s Birthday: Ray Kroc

It's October 5, and Ray Kroc was born on this date in 1902.  You might not know his name, but we'd be willing to bet that you've eaten at one of his restaurants.  That's because he pretty much founded McDonald's, perhaps the world's best-known fast food restaurant.  His success came after many years of doing other work.  In fact, he was in his fifties when he took over McDonald's.  Along the way, Kroc learned a lot about business and how it works, and he had several good quotes about business and industry.  Here is a sample of some of them, along with how they relate to the American School.  Kroc once said, "I was an overnight success alright, but 30 years is a long, long night."  Some people obtain success quickly; others do not.  The important thing is to persevere both in business and in your studies.  Eventually you will reach your goal and have success.  Kroc also said, "Everyday I go into a shop, try and catch someone doing good, and I tell him."  Our instructors do the same thing when they grade our students' exams.  They hand-write constructive, positive comments on papers and call students by name.  Our Introduction to Business course can give you other important insights that will help you if you want to become an entrepreneur like Ray Kroc.  We can't guarantee that you'll launch a multi-million dollar company or create a lovable character like Grimace, but we can guarantee you'll expand your business knowledge and earn a credit toward your accredited high school diploma.