Today’s Birthday: Roberta Allen

It's August 17, and recently-retired American School Curriculum Director Roberta Allen is celebrating a birthday today.  She wore many hats and worked on many courses during her four-decade career with us, and you'll get to read more about her in the upcoming All American newsletter, which should be on our Web site within the next week or two.  For now, it's a fitting birthday tribute to discuss the Planning Your Career course which Roberta authored.  More than a million students have taken the course and have received information that will help them along their chosen career path.  All of us at the American School wish Roberta a happy birthday and hope it's the first of many she has during her retirement.  Just like Roberta, this blog is going to take some well-deserved rest, but we'll be back Wednesday, August 22, with the latest news and happenings from the American School.