Today’s Birthday: The State of New Mexico

It's January 6, and New Mexico became a state on this date in 1912.  We've been doing blogs about state birthdays in recent weeks, and, like Iowa a little while ago, we've never attended a convention in New Mexico.  That's not for lack of trying.  In fact, we've had many students from New Mexico over the years.  We're happy to have them and we'd love to meet them in person at a convention in their home state.  That said, it's important to note that conventions with states in their names usually welcome people from out of state to their shows.  It's not unusual for us to see that when we're on the road, and regional conventions often attract people from several states.  No matter where you are from, and whether we meet you at a convention or not, we have the accredited high school courses you need at a cost you can afford.  Visit our enrollment page to learn more and get started.

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