Today’s Birthday: William Hunding

It's January 30, and American School President Emeritus William Hunding is celebrating a birthday today.  Normally this blog doesn't feature employee birthdays, but this birthday is noteworthy because it speaks to the American School's stability and credibility.  In our 116-year history, the American School only has had seven presidents.  Our founder, R. T. Miller, served as president from 1897-1945.  After he retired, James McKinney was president from 1945-1957, and C.M. Elliott followed from 1957-1970.  The new decade began with a new president, W.K. Lasher, who served from 1970-1975.  William Wright was our leader from 1975-1992, and upon his retirement, William Hunding took over and was president from 1992-2006.  Today, Gary R. Masterton is in the seventh year of his tenure as president.  Each of our presidents faced the challenges of the day head-on and introduced new courses, programs and services to help the American School remain a leader in distance education.  If you enroll today, you'll experience our latest educational advancements and get your accredited high school diploma personally signed by our president after you complete all your graduation requirements.