Today’s Special Occasion: 10/11/12

It's October 11, 2012, and that date is really all that you need to know about today's blog entry.  Think about today's date.  What does it have in common with January 2, 2003; February 3, 2004; March 4, 2005; April 5, 2006; May 6, 2007; June 7, 2008; July 8, 2009; August 9, 2010; September 10, 2011; November 12, 2013; and December 13, 2014?  The answer becomes clear when you abbreviate these dates in mm/dd/yy format.  For each of them, the month, the day and the year are consecutive numbers, and today's abbreviation is 10/11/12.  This a special phenomenon that, after 2014, won't happen for another 89 years.  You should take advantage of this special date while you can and make it the day you enroll with us!  Our online enrollment applications give students the opportunity to enroll 365 (or in 2012, 366) days a year, but you'll never again have the chance to enroll on 10/11/12!