Today’s Special Occasion: 4-4

It's April 4, which is commonly abbreviated 4-4.  The number 4 has real significance here at the American School.  As you know, we offer 4 years of high school in grades 9-12.  We offer English 4: Composition and Grammar, English 4 (online), Literature 4: Selected English Classics among our numerous paper-based and online courses.  We also do our best to ensure that students have an opportunity to obtain a perfect 4.0 grade point average and are equipped to succeed in whatever their post-high school plans might be.  We do that primarily through our 4 C's of Curriculum, Cost, Caring Student Service and Credibility.  If you are ready to begin your accredited high school diploma program, you can enroll today.  We would "4" sure love to have you as our student!

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