Today’s Special Occasion: Alaska Day

It's October 18, and on this date in 1867, Russia formally gave the Alaska Territory to the United States.  Alaska didn't become a state until nearly a century later, but today is celebrated as a holiday in our nation's 49th state.  Up there, Alaska Day is often marked with parades and reenactments of the flag-raising ceremony that took place 145 years ago today.  The American School has had a long relationship with students and schools in Alaska.  Our General High School and College Preparatory programs work well for those Alaskan students who live in very remote areas of their state, and once again this year, we'll be visiting Alaska to meet with school officials and attend a statewide counseling convention.  Alaska isn't the only state we'll be visiting in the next month.  Keep reading this blog to find out the four other states we'll travel to in early November.