Today’s Special Occasion: April Fools’ Day

It's April 1, and today is April Fools' Day.  In today's blog we're going to go through some things that might fool you as you look for a distance education high school or middle school.   The first is accreditation.  Some places may look like they offer legitimate courses and diplomas, but many times those are worthless unless they are accredited.  American School is accredited by three reputable accrediting bodies and is also recognized by the state of Illinois.  We take our accrediation seriously and you should too.  Second, some places may look like they offer cheap tuition, but look closer.  Sometimes tuition doesn't include study materials for print or online high school courses or print or online middle school courses.  American School's tuition includes all study materials, and we do not nickel and dime our students.  Finally, some might be fooled into thinking our courses are easy.  That is not true.  Our courses are designed for the average learner and present information fairly and clearly.  Don't be fooled by others.  Take a look around our web site and see for yourself that you or someone you know should enroll with American School.  You'll be glad you did!