Today’s Special Occasion: Boss’s Day

It's October 16, and today is Boss's Day in the United States.  This gives us a chance to look back at the seven individuals who have served as American School President.  Our founder, R.T. Miller, served from the School's founding in 1897 until he retired in 1945, and his tenure of 48 years is likely never to be surpassed.  Following R.T. Miller's retirement, James McKinney took over and was in office from 1945-1957.  He was followed by C.M. Elliott, who served from 1957-1970.  W.K. Lasher started with American School in 1922 but didn't ascend to the presidency until 1970, where he remained until 1975.  At that time, William Wright took over and remained in that office until 1992, when he retired and was replaced by William Hunding.  Our current president, Gary R. Masterton, took the reins in 2006 after William Hunding retired and has been our leader for the past eight years.  American School has had steady leadership in its 117-year history thanks in large part to the seven people mentioned in this email.  You'll benefit from that and get our president's signature on your diploma after you enroll and become our student!