Today’s Special Occasion: Boss’s Day

It's October 16, and the American School is celebrating Boss's Day.  We have several bosses or supervisors, each of whom is in charge of a department that is integral to the success of the School.  There is no department that is more important than the others.  All of them–admissions, collections, instruction, curriculum, student service, shipping, and others–play equal roles.  Because of our bosses, the American School operates in an efficient manner, and our students reap the rewards.  If you're already an American School student, you're sort of your own boss.  Even though we have 13-15 required courses in our diploma programs, you can choose electives from more than 70 courses, some of which are done entirely online.  You also can work entirely at your own pace, wherever and whenever you'd like.  Earning your high school diploma is the first step to being your own boss in whatever field you choose to pursue after graduation, so take the first step and enroll today if you have not done so already.