Today’s Special Occasion: Election Day

It's the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and Americans are heading to the polls on Election Day.  The entire United States House of Representatives, approximately one-third of the United States Senate, and many state governor races are up for grabs today, as well as countless other state, county and local offices.  Whether you're taking our paper-based Social Civics course or our online Social Civics course, you'll learn about how government works and the role you play in it as an informed citizen.  We know you have lots of choices when you're considering a distance learning program, so we thank those of you who have already "voted" for us by enrolling and becoming our student.  If you haven't "voted" for us yet, we encourage you to visit the rest of our web site and view our "platform" which consists primarily of curriculum, cost, caring student service and credibility.  We hope you'll elect to enroll with us! 

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