Today’s Special Occasion: Google Doodle Hurdles

It's August 7, and the men's 110 meter hurdles competition is underway at the Olympics, and tonight we'll have the semifinals and finals of the women's 100 meter hurdles competition.  Maybe that's why Google, on their home page today, has a hurdles game you can play simply by clicking on the Google Doodle.  That Doodle, along with the competitions themselves, got us thinking about how we at the American School help students overcome a variety of hurdles in their lives.  Some struggle in traditional school.  They prefer the ability to work at their own pace, either faster or slower than the pace kept in a classroom.  Others, for a variety of reasons, could not complete high school during their teen years.  We offer them a second chance to complete their education.  Some students are worried about the financial aspect of education.  We offer the most affordable tuition possible and a monthly payment plan that can adapt to any budget.  With the American School, there is no hurdle that is too high for you to overcome.  If you haven't done so already, visit our enrollment page, and if you want information on today's Google Doodle, visit here