Today’s Special Occasion: National Waffle Day

It's August 24, and the waffle iron was patented on this date in 1869.  To commemorate the occasion, it's National Waffle Day in the United States.  Some of us here are craving waffles with butter, syrup and fruit, and maybe we'll have some later, but right now we want to remind you of some reasons why you should enroll today and not "waffle" on your decision to become our student.  We offer online and paper-based courses to suit whatever course delivery method is better for you.  We are a non-profit institution so we are able to keep costs to an absolute minimum.  In addition to our General High School and College Preparatory diploma programs, we offer individual courses for credit recovery or enrichment.  Finally, we are accredited by MSA-CESS, Ai and NCPSA and recognized by the state of Illinois, so you can feel confident in taking courses with us.  Don't wind up with egg on your face.  Become our student today! 

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