Today’s Special Occasion: Total Solar Eclipse

It's August 21, and today the United States will experience a total eclipse of the sun.  These events don't happen very often, so we encourage you to visit NASA's official eclipse web site for more information and use precaution when viewing the eclipse whether you're in the line of totality or not.  As a leading distance education high school, we are proud to serve students throughout the United States.  Whether you live in Oregon where the eclipse will first come into view or in South Carolina where the eclipse will fade from view or anyplace in between, we're proud to offer online middle school courses, online high school courses and high school correspondence courses no matter where you live or what your circumstances are.  Perhaps you feel like your education was dimmed or completely blacked out and you'd like to start shining again and earn a high school diploma at home.  We can make that happen for you.  Do something else historic today and enroll with American School!