Today’s Special Occasion: Uranus in Opposition

It's October 19, and tonight the planet Uranus will be in opposition.  That means Earth in its orbit is exactly in between Uranus in its orbit and the main start of our solar system, the Sun.  In practical terms, Uranus in opposition means that you could see Uranus in the sky with the naked eye.  It'll look blue or green and be in the southeast sky.  Using binoculars or a telescope to view Uranus would enhance your experience, and taking our online Astronomy course would enhance your education.  We offer a wide variety of online high school courses, high school correspondence courses and online middle school courses.  Take them as part of a general high school or college preparatory program and earn a high school diploma at home, or take them individually for enrichment or credit recovery.  We look forward to helping you become a star after you enroll with us!