Today’s Special Occasions: First Day of Winter/End of the World?

It's December 21, and today is the first day of winter.  If you read yesterday's blog, you know that the American School was preparing for winter weather this morning.  That turned out to be a false alarm, and we are maintaining normal business hours today.  Many people look forward to snow days that come during the winter months, but they can interfere with your studies if you attend a traditional school.  After you enroll and become an American School student, you won't get any snow days, but that's ok.  All of our students, regardless of weather or location, work entirely at their own pace, a pace that best suits them.  You won't have to worry about falling behind after you become our student.  This year, December 21 has taken on extra significance because, according to the Mayan calendar, today is the end of the world.  Whether you believe that or not, today's entry is going to be the end of the blog for awhile, but just until next week.  We'll be back on Wednesday, December 26, with the latest news from the American School.