Today’s Special Occasions: National Pizza Day and National Bagel Day

It's February 9, and today we're celebrating National Pizza Day and National Bagel Day.  The toppings for pizzas and flavors for bagels are virtually endless, and the same is true for our course offerings and delivery methods.  We offer the best online high school courses, high school correspondence courses and online middle school courses.  You can take individual courses for credit recovery or enrichment or enroll in a full-year accredited middle school program or a correspondence or online high school diploma program.  No one offers a better variety of courses than we do.  Sausage and pepperoni may be traditional pizza toppings, and cinnamon raisin and blueberry may be traditional bagel flavors, so you're probably not surprised we offer traditional courses such as English, math, science and social studies.  But maybe you like pineapple and anchovies on your pizza and prefer jalapeno or everything bagels.  We've got your style covered too because we offer a variety of career, fine arts and world language courses that you can use to add some zing to your education.  If you're planning on ordering a pizza or some bagels today, why not order some courses from us too?  Enroll today!