Tomorrow’s Birthday: The American School Blog

It's July 10, and 9 years ago tomorrow, we posted our first blog entry.  That's a lot of Method Test Prep Mondays, Testimonial Thursdays, Flashback Fridays, and whatever is pertinent enough to post on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!  We do our best to post something every day our office is open, and we try to post a variety of things.  If you're a regular reader, you know that we mix in profiles of students and graduates, announcements about new courses and services, information about historical events that happened on particular dates and much more.  This blog is one way we make information available as quickly as possible, but if you want to send the blog a birthday present, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  Reading this blog regularly and visiting our social media sites will ensure that you'll be among the first to know about our next exciting educational endeavor!

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