Update on Online Exams in Paper-Based Courses

The American School is pleased to announce that all students in select paper-based courses now have the option of taking their exams online.  Please refer to our Online Learning page for more details about all of our online offerings, both the above-mentioned online exams in paper-based courses as well as the courses we offer in an entirely online format.  While you are on our Online Learning page, take special note of two things.  First, carefully read the documents which contain FAQs and technical information for taking online courses and taking online exams in paper-based courses.  Also, look at the special announcement in bold type on that page.  Right now we offer online exams in nine paper-based courses, but we expect to double that number in early February and continue adding to that list throughout the year.  As always, refer to this blog, our Facebook page and our Twitter page for all the latest updates.  We are happy to offer these online courses and online exams to our students, which will enable us to maintain our position as a leader in distance education for many years to come.