Winter Begins Tomorrow

It's December 20, and winter officially begins tomorrow.  It's the season most associated with cold, snow and ice, and so why not stay inside where it is warm and work on some American School courses?  Our accredited middle school program consists of 5 units of credit per year in grades 6, 7 and 8.  Each year contains one course in English, math, science and social studies, plus an elective.  If you're already completed middle school, you might be interested in our accredited high school program.  It also consists of 5 units of credit per year, and you'll have the flexibility to pick your own courses in either our general high school program or college preparatory program.  It is a great way to earn a high school diploma at home, but if you only want to take one or two courses, you may take individual courses in grades 6-12 as well.  All the information you need to get started is on our enrollment page, so check it out and get started today.  If you do, you could have a course or two complete by the first day of spring in March!