2013: A Look Back

It's New Year's Eve, so today is a fitting time to look back and consider some of the American School's accomplishments in the past year.  Perhaps the two biggest accomplishments of the year and two of the ones that have the greatest impact on our students involve accreditation and online learning.  In late summer, the American School received accreditation from Ai (Accreditation International) and the NCPSA (National Council for Private School Accreditation) which will serve us and our students very well in the future.  We also continued to expand our online learning offerings, especially in the area of online exams in paper-based courses.  To date, more than half of our paper-based courses now come with the option of taking online exams.  The American School also greatly expanded its presence at conventions and on social media in 2013.  Check us out on Facebook and Twitter if you haven't done so already, and check out our blog on Thursday for a look ahead to 2014.  Happy New Year!