2018 Scholarship Winners: Part 3

We're back with three more profiles of this year's scholarship winners.  By the end of today, you will have read about half of our 18 winners since we profiled three last Friday and three yesterday.  We're happy they chose our accredited high school program and our accredited high school courses.


This fall, Cassandra from Missouri will attend Brigham Young University, where she plans to study international relations and Chinese before going to law school.  With degrees in hand, she plans to start a school for underprivileged children.  She is grateful to the American School for her high school education.

“Using American School to earn my high school diploma was such a great choice in my life,” Cassandra wrote.  “I am thankful that I could get a quality high school education while still having time to do the things that I love.”

Some of those things include performing in orchestras and musicals, learning languages and making quilts and ties.


From a young age, Josephine from Illinois has been fascinated with storytelling, art and animation, so it’s no surprise she’s chosen to study those things at Colorado Mesa University.

“I graduated high school last fall at age 17 so that I could jumpstart my college career.  Thus I also started college last fall, a year earlier than originally planned,” Josephine wrote.  “As I continue my college career, I am not only planning on expanding the skills I need as an animator through my classes but also continuing my animation work in my free time.”

Josephine’s other hobbies include theatre and performing in a wind ensemble and marching band.


Though Juan from Texas had a childhood interest in becoming a doctor, he never thought he’d be studying pre-medical chemistry at Schreiner University and Baylor College of Medicine.  Then things changed.

“Halfway through my sophomore year of high school I collectively decided with my parents to transition to homeschooling through American School,” Juan wrote.  “Along with my high school classes, I took college courses at my local college for dual credit.  This is when I realized that I had what it took to be a physician.”

With flight simulation experience, Juan is interested in becoming a trauma surgeon and traveling to underdeveloped countries to offer medical care.