2018 Scholarship Winners: Part 5

As we near the end of our series of blogs profiling this year's scholarship winners, the students' resumes and stories are no less impressive.  We're so grateful that they decided to earn a high school diploma at home by taking our accredited high school courses online or on paper!


All signs point to Hannah from Arkansas having a successful career as a sign language interpreter.  She is taking classes at North Arkansas College and eventually plans to earn a degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

“UALR is the best college in Arkansas for my intended major,” Hannah wrote.  “I know there is a severe lack of qualified interpreters so I hope to become certified myself and reduce the demand for the service.”

Having deaf family members is a prime motivation for Hannah’s chosen career path, but she has other interests as well, including hiking, reading and volunteering at her local humane society.


Chelsea from Texas hasn’t always had the easiest life, but those difficult experiences have shaped her into the person she is today.  She is studying medical billing and coding at Northwest Technical College while working full-time and caring for a family member.

“On my own accord, I asked my mother to withdraw me from public school and enroll me into homeschool,” Chelsea wrote.  “Due to all of the struggles that I’ve gone through, I have become a strong person.”

As someone particularly interested in helping people, Chelsea enjoys spending time with members of her church congregation along with the sick and elderly.  She also enjoys reading and cooking.


Leah from Georgia is studying biology at Thomas Edison State University and eventually plans to attend medical school in her home state of Georgia.  She credits American School for helping her attend college a year earlier than her peers.

“I decided to become an American School student because of the program’s flexibility,” Leah wrote.  “I have always enjoyed learning at my own pace, and American School was an excellent way for me to do that.”

After completing her education, Leah is interested in a career in neurology due to personal experiences and a willingness to help others.  She enjoys playing the violin, dancing and crocheting in her free time.