2018 Scholarship Winners: Part 6

Today we wrap up the week and conclude our series of profiles of this year's scholarship winners.  Over the last six days you've read about 18 outstanding graduates.  They took high school correspondence courses or online high school courses with us as part of an accredited high school program.  We already are looking forward to next year's scholarship competition, but a lot will change between now and then.  Check back next week to see what we mean!


Monica from Michigan plans on leading a Spartan lifestyle while studying nursing and psychology at Michigan State, but she’s already doing well at Henry Ford College, where she is studying medical assisting.

“I credit much of my success to American School, which has given me a firm foundation in critical thinking and problem solving based on the independent study approach,” Monica wrote.  “The American School college preparatory program introduced me to a variety of subjects that helped me in my decision of what field to enter.” 

Though some questioned Monica’s decision to be homeschooled, she is delighted to be proving them wrong.  She also enjoys reading mysteries and researching ancient Egypt.


Hanna from Georgia is interested in all forms of communication, so it’s not surprising she plans to major in journalism in college, perhaps at Franciscan University of Steubenville. 

“I plan to continue to learn and grow in the art of what communication really is: speaking truth and light to the world through our thoughts, words and actions,” Hanna wrote.

Hanna communicates through music and has studies piano, voice, songwriting and guitar.  She communicates through words by giving talks at her church and through Toastmasters International.  Finally, she communicates as a third degree black belt in martial arts, which helps her recognize her own strength and use it to help others.


Kathleen from Utah plans to become a professional actress, but that is not her only goal.  She also has ambitions to become a teacher and director to be a mentor to children as her teachers were to her.

“I enjoy watching youth go through their own self-discovery process and inspiring them to become the best they can be,” Kathleen wrote.  “I believe so strongly in influencing the next generation and passing on my passion.  I want to be a part of creating the next generation of performers.”

When not on stage or working as a nanny, Kathleen enjoys sewing and reading and has held leadership positions at her church.