2020 Convention #3: Missouri Homeschool Convention (Cancelled)

It's March 26, and today we were supposed to head to the Gateway to the West to exhibit at the Missouri Homeschool Convention near St. Louis.  Unfortunately but understandably this convention has been cancelled, and we look forward to returning to this convention in 2021.  Had we attended this year, we would've had information about our print or online high school diploma program, accredited middle school program and individual subjects for enrichment on hand and brought along our famous promotional items, including a brand new one for 2020.  We do our best to attend shows in all parts of the country when we can, and yet we also like attending shows relatively close to our home when we are able.  Just like the famous arch serves as a gateway to the west, we can serve as a gateway to the career and life you always wanted.  Please consider making us your distance education middle school and distance education high school.  We'd be happy to serve you!