American School Accreditation Review

It's August 6, and, as promised, our blog is back.  We spent last week with an accreditation team who flew in from various parts of the country to review everything about us.  The team visited with instructors who grade accredited high school courses online and accredited high school courses on paper.  They met with those who create our online middle school courses and paper-based middle school courses.  They visited with customer service, shipping and accounting staff who are committed to making us the best distance education high school and middle school possible.  At the end of the visit, the team gave us several commendations on the good work we're already doing as well as several recommendations for how we can make our school even better.  We won't know our final accreditation status for several weeks, but American School leadership is confident and hopeful that we will once again receive accreditation.  Keep checking this blog for the official word!