American School at 120 (Part 1)

The American School received its charter on December 17, 1897, and in this week leading up to our 120th anniversary, we're doing a series of blogs about the past 12 decades.  The American School simply would not exist without Romanta Tillotson Miller, Jr.  Our founder, pictured below and better known as R.T., graduated from Oberlin College and Harvard Law School and worked for a publishing company preparing its reading courses.  He realized that not many people had the opportunity to receive the type of training and education they should.  That's when he decided to offer courses through the mail.  Those courses, which included electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, machine shop practice and mechanical drafting, eventually blossomed into our high school correspondence courses and in more recent years our online high school courses and online middle school courses.  People loved the courses and distance learning so much that others began to take notice, including a group in the city of Chicago.  Check back tomorrow to learn how American School started near Boston but moved to Chicago, where we've been ever since!