American School at 120 (Part 4)

As American School has evolved over the years to offer accredited online high school courses and online middle school courses to go along with its existing high school correspondence courses, we should recognize certain American School employees who had large roles in making that evolution possible.  Earlier this week we discussed R.T. Miller.  He led American School until 1945, when James McKinney became president.  He was followed by C.M. Elliott, W.K. Lasher, William Wright, William Hunding and Gary Masterton.  When Gary retired earlier this year, Valerie Riley became the first woman to serve as president, though she is not the first woman to have had an enormous impact on the American School.  Mary McKeown (pictured below) served the American School in some capacity for 75 years, starting as an instructor and working her way up to become principal, educational director and trustee.  Roberta Allen was guidance counselor, curriculum director and remains a trustee to this day.  She is joined on the board of trustees by John Kemp, Leslie Ballard, Gary Masterton, John McCulley and Cher Tufly.  Together the trustees are responsible for the American School.  Those of us who work here are grateful to them and all American School employees past and present who perform good work to serve our students.